Tube Radio Australia

The Mystery Three Tube Radio 1920's
Do you know this radio ?

Here we have a nice little three tube Am radio.
This radio was another swap meet special that caught my eye.
It must have been made in Australia  as it has a 240v
power supply installed in it and it appears to be original.

Well I really wanted to keep all of the original components in this radio as
they looked great and it just would not have been the same with new
capacitors and resistors. I had looked through my stock of 20's bits and
pieces just in case I needed to replace some parts but all I did was
remove the dust cleaned the connectors and replaced the power cable end.
Well I was very apprehensive when it became time to start this up.
I connected the Variac and slowly brought up the voltage.
At first there was a little hum so I let the capacitors settle before increasing
the voltage. Then all the way and believe it or not it works.
This radio has been in a farm shed for 60 years and has never been turned on
in all that time. They don't make them like this any more.

As you can see the design is simple and it looks like a regenerative three tube design.

The Tube lineup is 80, 50 and a unknown detector probably a Pentode 30 or similar.

The chassis front has three controls.
The Left most is a three position switch that
connects the aerial to different taps on the
loose coupled primary coil. The Tuner is the
middle control and regeneration is the right most control.

This is the case that I found this little radio in. It does not
look like a original but the sides are full timber not Ply.
Anyway it will look OK once restored.