Tube Radio Australia
Collins R-391 Project
Unit Recovered from an old Ham out in the NSW bush. General Coverage Set. Rating (1-5): HHHHH (5)
Made In: United States 1954-1985 Voltages: 110/220 VAC 48-62 Hz
Coverage: 500 - 32000 kHz Readout: Digital Mech. & Ana. Linear
Modes: AM/CW/MCW Selectivity: 16/8/4/2/1/.1 kHz
Circuit: Triple Conversion Superheterodyne. 26 Tubes. Physical: 19x10.5x17.25" 65 Lbs. 483x267x438mm 29.5 kg
Features: :Head Jack :S-Meter :AF Line Meter :Antenna Trimmer :RF Gain :BFO :Limiter :AGC SLO/MED/FST :Dial Lock :Rack Handles :Line Out 600 ohm :Calibrator 100 kHz :IF Out Jack :Standby :Dial Adjust
Accessories: CV-591A & 1982 SSB Converters, CV-89/URA-8 AFSK Loop Converter
Comments: Over 54,000 "A" models were made by Collins and many other manufacturers including: Motorola, Stewart-Warner, Capehart, Amelco, Teledyne, EAC, Fowler Ind., Dittmore-Freimuth and Helena Rubenstein (reportedly). Most, but not all "A" production has mechanical filters and is therefore more desirable to DXer's. Note the antenna trimmer knob directly above the frequency display (it is located above the Megacycle knob on the earlier non-A model). This robustly built receiver is still in use worldwide. It has a hearty front-end, is unusually stable and accurate for a tube receiver. The R-390's and R-390A's are often found missing meters which allegedly gave off excessive radiation if meter case opened.
Variants: The R-725ยน is a DF variant prototype by Motorola, made by Servo and Arvin with an IF strip similar to the R-390's (< 300 produced). The R-1247/URR-GRC-129 is a high stability, remanufactured model used by the Apollo space program.
Comments: The model R-391 is similar to the R-390, but supports 8 autotune channels. This is a mechanical preset scheme. In comparing the front panel to the R-390 you will note one additional knob on the left side of the radio directly below the bandwidth knob. This is for channel selection. A channel card will also be located on the front panel directly above the odometer frequency display.
Variants: The model R-391A (also referred to as the R-391(XC-2)), reached the prototype stage. Production units have not been confirmed.

Collins R-391


     Final Finished Radio.
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