Tube Radio Australia
The Return of the blitz

After years of looking for a Radio truck I have finally found one that is complete and somewhat unmolested.

Although the roof of the Rear section was CUT off it came with the truck.

Looks like a 1941 model CMP 15A Signals Van with the 6 cylinder Chev motor and the early Military dash board.


Plenty of work to be done here but the body is in good solid condition, not a pile of rust. !!
Some of the original Green Paint is still on the old girl and under further investigation the underside of the truck is in Very good condition.

See the Engine Fire here.


arriving   side

Truck and Trailer arrive with the new project, Note the roof section on the trailer.                                                  Side shot of the Beast..Looks like 20” wheels have been fitted.

back   20130801_120435

Rear shot showing the fold out steps to climb into the rear section. No Towbar L                                                  The roof of the Radio Enclosure L Looks like many hours needed here to fix this..

getmeoff   front

Getting her off the Truck, What a job! Two flat tire’s didn’t help.                                                                           Just look at that Front end…


Inside the Cabin before a clean…!     More Work done In the evenings This Week 08-2013                                               The Data Plate, Hard th read, I will need to clean her up


The Military Dash Board, 12000 Miles, Hmmm, Don’t know about that although the state of the truck mechanically is very good. For a 73 Year old.

Front Backing plate removed, Cost me a fat Thumb with the wrench but its off to be cleaned and renewed.


Cleaned ready for Sand Blasting.                                                                                                                                                                               Blasted and Etch Primed ready for Mill Green…!


Things of Beauty, new Linings and rivets… J                                                                                                                                                         Front Backing Plate together


One Very Heavy Drum Brake, Front of the C15, Hope the back ones are lighter..!                                                 Inside cleaned up showing the grease splash guard, Might need to change the seal, its in nice shape only a little hard after 71 years.


Clean and Green                                                                                                                                                         Removal of the Nose Section


You can see that the panel behind the drivers seat has also been removed for repair.                                               Windows and window frames are out


Still green paint under the red dust..                                                                                                                          Once very muddy engine, although inside is spotless.


Sand Blasting the Diff End                                                                                                                                        Primes and Painted


Drivers Wheel Ready to go.                                                                                                                                       Nose Cone, Blasted and Primed, now to drill some bolts out and replace nuts.


Holden Compliance                                                                                                                Engine Housing with a Holden Copper badge.. Didn’t see that under the mess…


Engine Cowl ready for some welding                                                                                                                        Nose section with new Metal floor plate spot welded in, the other side was perfect so I didn’t need to replace it.


Top of the Nose section.                                                                                                                                 Repair Close-up


Front Axle Drivers Side Renewed.                                                                                                                Shot showing new Hose.


The Grinder Monkeys,George and Andrew,  helping to Remove the old side pannels and cleaning off the rough metal.


Grind matey Grind….!



Removing those rusted Door bolts..

The Signals Van Challenge. Anybody who know about these would know that the Signals van body was put together by Holden Australia. They effectively welded a rear section to two rails and then attached that to the front cab roof and front door posts welding the entire system together. I guess this was the quick and easy way out given it was War time. Now what that means is you can’t remove the front cab and rear tray as two items its all one piece. The idea is to dismantle the cab and rear sections separating them and then rebuilding the cab and rear section with Bolted segments as it should have been and as how the Cab Chassis is on all other Blitz Trucks.


Thinking about the Angle Grinder on that bolt.                                                                                             Hmm, Leverage.


Drivers Front Wheel Back on…                                                                                                                     Passenger Front Brake Shoes

20131202_155141    20131202_155134

Passenger side Backing plate                                                                                                                          Passenger Front Drum

20131202_155039     20131202_155034

Passenger Front Axle Striped and repainted                                                                                                  Passenger Side Front

20131202_155028     20131202_155024

Passenger Side Front                                                                                                                                      Passenger side front hub painted and ready for the backing plate.

20131203_181346     20131203_181336

New Front Brakes and hoses, assembled, Passenger Side Front                                                                                                        Drivers Front Wheel Back on


Rebuilding the rear Brakes and Axle. Removed to clean and Blast                                                  Rebui;ld with new bearing seals and grease. Painted…


Rear Drum section and spring hangers rebuilt

20131203_191953     20140202_164758

Radiator now out and working on getting the Cab off.                                                                                                                     Inside the rear bed, soon to be removed

20140202_164745    20140202_164623

Looking at the rear end, Soon I need to get these drums off, Boy they look BIG.                                                                           Inside view of the radio Compartment, Looks like I will need to refabricate the sides, and save the roof.



Relocated to a new position to remove the deck and engine.   


Rear Deck removal, abnd its Heavy.


Front Cab comes away with some effort.                                                                                                                                                       And the Inspectors arrive after the hard work is done..


The Rear part of the chassis needs a little repair.                                                                                                                                      Feeling very second hand after a hard 8 hours removing the sections.


Rear Deck and Cab removed after much effort.                                                                                                                                            Shots of the Engine and gearbox, soon to be removed.


Handbrake setup.


Roof Section before trimming and sand blasting.                                                                                          Roof back from the Blaster.



Roof Section Stored for future Work.. boy its HEAVY.                                                                                   Top Hatch Ready for repair.


Rear Compartment Floor section, Repair of one rusted cross mount. I could not get the same gauge steel so I had to go for 3mm and that’s a heavy gauge.  Tacked into place in 9 pieces. I will be stronger than the original.


The Front Cab section Floor and Window Frame back from Sand blasting.


Ready to Paint and mount on the moving frame I made.


Primed and Green Paint on the lower Cab section.                                                                                                    Test fitting of the Nose after repair



Test fitting the Roof and doors so that the New Pillars can be fitted.           Note the original Window Section fitted to align the gaps.



The following information was gathered from the CMP Forum’s for those who may find themselves in a similar situation I have started to collate part numbers on this page for future reference.

Parts List: C15 CMP Blitz.


Modern Part Numbers. Some of the wheel cylinders are available from Amazon.!

Part Type C15 / 15A / Ford


Stock Number

Modern Number

Wheel Cylinders Front




Wheel Cylinders Rear




Master cylinder




Brakes Hoses front (2 req'd)




Brakes Hoses front (1 req'd




Brakes Hoses rear (1 req'd)








Vehicle Type

Part Description

Original Part

: Modern Part # (s)

Ford F60

seal front hub inner 6"


CR 58741

Ford F15A

seal front hub inner 5"


CR 49998

Ford F15A

bearing countershaft trans


J322080 BCA

Ford F15A

bearing input main shaft trans


6209 SKF

Ford F15A

bearing output main shaft trans



Ford F15A

bushing reverse idler trans



Ford F60/F15A

seal front hub outer


CR 17761


seal Pinion


CR 13739

Ford F15A

seal rear hub inner


CR 31307

Ford F60

seal rear hub inner


CR 31288

Ford F15A

seal rear hub outer


CR 17761

Ford F60

seal rear hub outer


CR 49998

Ford F15A

seal steering gear 1-1/4"


CR 12350

Ford F60

seal steering gear 1-3/8"


CR 13912


seal transfer case


CR 19360 (X2)

Ford F15A

seal transfer case shift lever


CR 5510


seal transfer case(hand brk side)


CR 19360

Ford F15A

seal transmission output


CR 21211

Ford F15A

wheel cylinder 1 1/2" rebuild kit



Ford F15A

wheel cylinder front 1 3/8"



Ford F15A

wheel cylinder rear 1 1/2"






Chev C15A

seal front hub inner 5"


CR 59998

Chev C60

seal front hub inner 6"


CR 58741


seal front hub outer


CR 17761

Chev C15/C60

seal pinion


CR 23755


seal gearbox


CR 17645


seal transfer case


CR 19360 (X2)


seal transfer case hand brk side


CR 19360


seal steering gear


CR 12336


seal distubution cover


CR 17286


seal rear hub inner


CR 31288


seal rear hub outer


CR 31870

Chev C15A

master cylinder rebuild kit


F3630 or NUP3


Front End alternate Seal Kits:

These are also modern replacement for the original front drum seals, before ordering confirm the dimensions to be sure they will fit your drums. These seals are narrower than the original but seam to work fine. Be sure that the hub surface the seals runs against is smooth. If your hub is badly scored there are speedie sleeves that will fit over the damaged area to provide a new sealing surface.

Now for the good news all of the bearings and seals are readily available from Motion Industries who have a web site typed in the original Timken part numbers from the bearing, yes all numbers are still good after 60+ years, parts information with all the dimensions come up to confirm they are correct.

 Parts Invoice

Qty Description Requested Date Prices are US Dollars

1.0 NATIONAL S 416476 OIL SEAL 09/01/2009 Brake Drum Grease Seal Price............: $ 52.34

1.0 TIMKEN 47620 CUP 09/01/2009 Outer Cup Price............: $36.84

1.0 TIMKEN 33462 CUP 09/01/2009 Inner Cup Price............: $27.25

1.0 TIMKEN 33275 CONE 09/01/2009 Inner Cone or Wheel Bearing Price............: $ 56.32

1.0 TIMKEN 47687 CONE 09/01/2009 Outer Cone or Wheel Bearing Price............: $71.93

2.0 C-R 17761 OIL SEAL 09/09/2009 Axle shaft seal at the flange plate Price............: $ 28.52

1.0 NATIONAL S 416476 OIL SEAL 09/09/2009 Price............: $ 52.34

Total Cost of Parts (so far) $ 325.54

Below and at right are the inner axle seal, these are often damaged when the axle is being installed because it is difficult to hold the axle shaft off the seal while you insert the axle end into the differential. However these seals are really not that important as long as the truck is not going to be operated on steep side slopes. At angles up to about 10 Degrees the gear lub in the differential is not running out the housing to reach this point. So the seal body is acting more as a dam than as a true seal.