Corowa 2016 Report                                                                                                              

Well the Corowa Show and Swap meet has come and gone, This is a all week event for Military Vehicle collectors. Normaly I would get there a few days ahead but this year, I drove down on the Friday Night, from Sydney, and attended the Saturday swapmeet.

I then drove back Saturday afternoon. Needless to say I was well spent. There was a small ammount of Military radio gear avaliable, mostly accessories, (ARB’s) and other parts. These were at prices that made your eye’s water so I did not see them go.

Noted MIA were some of the usual campainers due to bad weather at there location. From the photos you can see it was a very interesting event, with a miltitude of Vehcals from differing periods. Well worth the trip to chat to people and see the great display and walk the swap meet.

In attendance, From my Camp were, Ray Robinson, Ray Poularas and Family. I did not drag the WLA down this year, Maybe next year it will go there with the Blitz Truck.. J