Tube Radio Australia

Murphy B40 Restoration

This Radio was something I build for a Mate who wanted a Specific D model B40.

Normally I have a Few I play with but as I did not have a D model I needed to go in search of one.

Luckily I managed to find one not too far away, but I was un prepared for the condition it came in.

This was going to be a real challenge and as it turned out had a number of unique electronic issues that,

I needed to sort out apart from the mechanical and cosmetic problems.


Below are the Parts of the Radio and condition it came in.


Let’s start with the Navy Moto, if it moves Paint it, if it doesn’t move Paint it again…! So the Sand Blaster was NOT enough to strip it, Pint stripper First…

The IF Chassis Sub Asembly more on that later.

Below the tuning indicator, this was a real treat to get right, it needed cleaning, alignment and all of the build up of hard grease removed before it became smooth to tune, photos later in this list.


Below the main turret for the band switching. Thi s was untouched allthough very dirty.

Below the RF deck chassis, Yep a load of cleaning needed here, as well as electronic restoration.


Bottom view of the dreaded power supply, this casued me no end of headaches as apart from all of the dead capacitors I had a fault in a tube socket as well.

Below face plates and hardware…before cleaning and touching up.

Another view of the power supply.

Front panel waiting for me to blast if and repaint it.

The power supply cleaned and repaired, this contains the audio section as well so it needs to be 100% spot on.

The main chassis, cleaned, with the Front panel assembled, abnd the RF deck electrnicaly restored.

Repared power supply inderneath with rewiring and new components. Also a coat of Fungiside lacqure for insulation.

The front panel during assembly.

Looking at the tuning end stop mechicnism and chain drive to the top capacitor. Cleaned Lubricated and aligned.


The rear cover repainted and ready to go on.

All together.. Wow starting to look like a radio again.

The Finished product.


B40 Running and listening to Radio