Corowa 2015 Report

Well the Corowa Show and Swap meet has come and gone, This is a all week event for Military Vehcle collectors.

Normaly I would get there a few days ahead but this year, I drove down on the Friday afternoon, from Sydney, and attended the Saturday swapmeet.

I then drove back Saturday afternoon.

There was a small ammount of Military radio gear avaliable, mostly BC-611s and a few PRC-77s. These were at prices that made your eyes water so I did not see them go.

Mr Kidd had a small ammount of interesting items on his table and these were snapped up by the punters.

From the photos you can see it was a very interesting event, with a miltitude of Vehcals from differing periods. Well worth the trip to chat to people and see the great display.