Tube Radio Australia
Marconi CSR-5 Restoration Project
Here is a nice link to a research paper on the CSR-5 in service with shots of the Transmitter. HMMM Need one of them...!

  RADIO SYSTEMS ABOARD HMCS HAIDA Thanks to and Developed by: Jerry Proc VE3FAB

The Tube Radio Australia Marconi CSR-5 Restoration Project

The front after a good cleaning

The performance of the receiver after all of the adjustments were done is surprising.

Even at 30 megs the receiver performs well. I found the Low frequency reception very good as well.

The Noise limiter and selectivity control made it possible to copy LF beacons that were not noticeable on other

equipment I compared this receiver to. The stepped attenuator in the RF section makes it a very nice receiver to use.
The Chassis top view.


     The Chassis from the underside.

     The coil and band switch section.

     CSR-5 power supply.

     The front of the power supply pannel.

     The CSR5 in its final resting place.

     The front at Night.