Tube Radio Australia

Customline Radio Restoration Project

Some months ago one of my buddies sent me a Ford Customline Radio to get going for a Car Restoration Project. I finally decided to do some work on it and started last week, (A Miniature tube Set with Vibrator Power Supply) had a number of components missing including the AVC control resistor. The output transformer was not well so an original one for the set had to be located. Bellow you will find some Pictures of the set during restoration. Included are some interesting problems I found along the way.

Top Section Before renewal.

The Cleanup
Well since it was such a mess a wash in the dishwasher after a blowout and removal of all components was in order.

After, Radio Wash... Don't let the Wife know.

After finding a good diagram the surgery began.

I Started by replacment of all of the leaky capacitors in the Power Supply section.

After Electronic Surgery.

The nice Front view after restoration Process.

Some interesting facts about this little radio..

Since it has a Vibrator Power Supply it can run from 6 to 12 V DC and can be + or - earth on the set.

The set ran very nicely after all of the components were changed and an alignment done..