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Ledaers In IT Enterprise Architecture, Digital Security, Radio Telemetry, Electronics Engineering, Infrastucture Deployment and Design

Cyber Telemetry’s solutions are based on Industry Best Practice and aligned to ASD standards for Security. This is necessary to combat the threats posed to Australian businesses and Government. These real threats pose the greatest business risk to your bottom line and cyber criminals can find gaps in unprotected systems. Cyber Telemetry mitigates your risks and minimises your overall total cost of cyber security protection by developing the Architecture you need to build resilient systems.



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Thought Leadership:

35 Years in Enterprise IT Architecture

Building Global Security and Enterprise Architecture for over 30 years.


Designing Systems, Data Centres, and Security for Banking, Finance, Government and the Private Sector


Building a Secure Future


Engineering and Infrastucture

Data Telemetry, Microwave Links, Data Center Staging, Network and Security Design, Implimentation and Installation, GPS time Sydnronisation for your Data Center, are  all services we can assist you with.

We also have over 30 years experience in Military Communications, Data Center planning and Security, and the Enterprise Architecture aspects of Running your mission critical systems and services.

We also offer Research and Development facilities for Electronics Engineering, AI, UAV and remote systems, staging your mission critical IT systems, ready to impliment into your data center..







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