Ray Radio Collection Tube Radio Australia
New Display Area
It took many hours to re-tile this room and move all of the gear, but the end result was well worth all of the effort.

Racals RA-17's, Marconi CSR and AWA CR-6A and B.

Top Down, AWA WS-11, AWA FS6, Collins R-391 and 390.

Big Iron, AWA 500 Watt TX AM set to 17mhz soon to be converted to 80M.

Premium RX Rack.

Premium RX Rack at Night.

Murphy B40 and B41

A Mix of Green Radios, WS-19 and others.

WWII Bomber Section American,Australian and Japanese.

The Green Mile

B40, B41 and a AWA Argosy.

Early Aircraft Survallance Sets and Jammers.


WWII Bomber Alley.

AWA heavy Iron TX.

TWo Racals and a RME-69


RT-524 Station with R-442.

AN/GRC-19 HF Set

WWII spitfire / P40 British Radio

Trainee TX operator.

A510 and Hand Crak

Command Set Central

Transoceanic City