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Radio Field Day Friedrichharfen July 2013 Germany

These are photos from our trip to Germany for the German Ham Radio equivilant of Dayton. A wealth of German and Euro radio equipment was on offer, with some impressive prices.

Although the aim was to bring home some nice German WWII sets, it became clear that the best we could hope for was a bunch of spare parts for the radio's we already had.

The magic number for this SWAP was $2000 Euro's, that seemed to be the price for every radio I enquired about, and some were higher...! So I came home with Parts.

I must say that the facility was impressive with three Halls all under cover and more to spare. There was a good selection of Food and confrence facilities. Dayton should take note.

Notice the E52 Centre of shot, It was E3000.00.

Interesting Mantle Set

Russian Mill Radio

WWII Russian Tank Set

Green Radios Some British

WWII German Aircraft and Field Radios, Lots of Euro's for these.

A Russian BC-348 Copy and an over sized Russian Arc-5 to match it.

Inside the Transmitter.

Hmm Nice, Enigma.

Enigma Stand..Can you spot the Australia ???

Green and French

A shot of Hall Two

Vintage TV's

More Green Radios..

Food Hall

More of the Infrastructure here.

In the Vebdor Hall Little Tower

A better shot of the tower

Early Morse Punch Recorder

TEaching Kids, Electronic's, How Novel...!

Some of the New Software Radio Options

Some of the New Software Radio OptionsSWAP

Some of the New Software Radio Options

Hall Two, Looking for Tresure Ray Robinson, in his Special Shorts.

Hall Two

Hall Two SWAP

Hell Scriber

Torn E.B's

Enigma Camp

Enigma Camp, with a Blow In Australia.. Ray P

Enigma Camp

Green Radios

Collins Radio's

Green Radio

T1154 from a Lancaster, NEW..!

German army Sets