HT-9 100 Watt transmitter. 5 frequency phone and CW unit (75Watts phone). Coil sets for 160, 80,40, 20 and 10 meter amateur bands. Weight 165lbs.

S-30 Radio Compass. 230KHz to 550KHz, 550KHz to 1340KHz, 1220KHz to 3000Khz. Position locator to locate position from shore radiotelephone stations.

HT-46 HT-46 Transmitter uses a 12BY7 driver and a 6HF5 amplifier to develop 70 to 100 W SSB or CW.

SX-99 MkI D is a 4 band SWL receiver covering 550 khz to 34 Mhz. The "MKI D" model included a metal dial lit form the top, as opposed to bacl lit plastic dials.

SX-101C MkIIIA was the last of the 101 series of receivers. The primary difference between the MkIIIA and it's predecessors is the elimination of the 160M band and the addition of a "converter" band to be used with optional 2 and 6 meter adaptors.


Hallicrafters S-38E The last of the series, S-38E (below) had a rear-panel variable BFO injection control and used seven-pin miniature tubes. Others used octal tubes. Years of introduction for the series were: S-38 (no letter) = 1946, S-38A = 1946 (later) , S-38B = 1947, S-38C = 1953, S38-D = 1955, S-38E = 1957,

HT-44 The Hallicrafters HT-44 Transmitter was part of of the trend to smaller radios. As a companion transmitter for the SX-117 reciever, it could be used as a seperate unit or a transeiver. The HT-44 used 2 6DQ5 tubes in the final and had an output power of 100 watts. The Hallicrafters HT-44 Transmitter was manufactured in 1963 and sold for $379.50. The companion PS-150 power supply & speaker sold for $99.50.

FPM-300 Transceiver was the last HF equipment produced for the Amateur Radio market under the Hallicrafters name. The FMP-300 was a hybrid rig that was all solid state with the exception of a 12BY7 driver and a 6KD6 final. The power output was 100 watts. The Hallicrafters FPM-300 Mark II Transceiver was manfactured in 1974 and sold for $625.00.

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