Tube Radio Australia
Early HRO Restoration Project

This was another Junker... It was a Ebay Special with no coils or Power Supply.
I found a nice set of coils and a power supply but they needed some work.
This Radio was the victim of 30 years of living in a smokers environment.
I spent many hours removing components including the 4 gang tuning capacitor and scrubbing them clean.
The result is a very nice radio. After a few component changes and a allignment it's a very special receiver.

The Front After Restoration.

The Dial view.








     Note ! I am missing tube cover tops. I am still looking for some (GRIN).


     S Meter.


     Under the Chassis.

     Surprisingly very little work was needed under here.
I replaced a few resistors in the Meter Circuit to make the meter read correctly
I tested all of the Capacitors and as they were rated at 600V, they did not fail with only 200V on them so they remained.
I ran through the alignment and the receiver is well within spec.
At my location the S Meter reads S9 on WWV from Sydney Australia.. Not Bad.
And yes I tested the S Meter with my HP signal generator.
The Key to a good HRO are the coils. Alignment of the two RF and the Mixer make all of the difference.

     Dads Quality Control Technician at Work.