DATA BOOKS (Mullard 1969)

DATA BOOKS (Mullard 1969)
13 Mullard Valve and Transistor Bata Books 1969 1-1 Transistors AC127-BFW96 1-2 Transistors BFX12-OC307, 2N types 1-3 Diodes, photo-diodes, photo-transistors 1-4 Rectifier diodes, rectifier stacks 1-5 Thyristors, Thyristor stacks 1-6 Integrated circuits 2-1 Receiving valves, TV tubes 2-2 Electron optical devices, radiation detectors 2-3 Gas filled tubes 2-4 Transmitting and industrial heating valves 2-5 Microwave tubes and components 3-1 Electrical components 1970 3-3 Feroxcube inductor cores 10kg
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