Past Ride Days

Oberon Run 15th July 2007  


Due to the numbers attending and the places they are coming from we will now meet in the Car Park of the Greystanes Inn at 9.00 am for a 9.30 departure. The Greystanes Inn is right next to Greystanes shopping centre Address 701 Merrylands Road Greystanes NSW 2145 Australia, shown as the blue square on the map.

From here we will proceed up Cumberland Road and make our way out to the expressway. We will then follow the road through the mountains, and down Mt Vic. Following the road to Oberon where we stop for lunch. Leaving for Jenolan via Edith road and back to Sydney.Note ! If the weather looks bad call me on (0412)-113-973 as we will not ride in the rain and will postpone.

Putty Road October 29th  

We meet at Macca's, Rouse Hill on Windsor Road (Opposite the Ettamogah Pub) at  8 am for a 8.30 departure. From here we will proceed up Richmond road to Richmond for a stop and out to Singleton road for the run to Singleton. where we will stop for lunch. An easy pace back through Cessnock to to old road with a stop at Pie in the Sky for afternoon tea and the final leg. 



Past Rides Road and Dirt.

Sunday 17th September Kurrajong Radio Museum Run.

We meet at Macca's, Rouse Hill on Windsor Road (Opposite the Ettamogah Pub) at  9 am for a 9.30 departure. Riding up to Kurrajong for a look at the Radio Museum     We then back tracked to Comeroy road  and along Blaxlands Ridge road to the Sackville ferry.. Stopped for lunch at Wisemans Pub and then back to Galson for the trip back via the the Berrowera ferry with a afternoon tea stop.

Military Radio Museum Link 842 Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong Hills 2758 (02)-4573 0601



The Start @ Macca's                                                Radio Museum looking into the cave.


Looking down the racks of Gear


Ian in front of his Navy setup recovered from a ship in the Navy wrecking yards.

A Collins 391 Auto tune receiver next to a Old Crystal set.

Collin feeding the Cooka's at Wismans Pub.



Lithgow to Bathurst  Sunday 3rd September Fathers Day Run.

After a nice day forecast from the BOM, and nice weather leaving Sydney, the run was cut short due to rain at Bell. After a quick diversion to the Blackheath Pub we made our way back down the mountian The run was planned to follow the old railway from Lithgow to Bathurst via bells road to Lithgow. A stop at Lithgow for morning tea, then following to old road from Lithgow to Bathurst along the old railway line as it crosses through to ranges. A stop at Bathurst for Lunch and make the return trip via the Hwy and up Mt Vic.




Nattai Sunday 20th August.

Those that made the day enjoyed the best riding weather in some time. We assembled out the front of Colinís place and then set off toward Warragamba Dam via Elizabeth Drive. After a stop at the Dam lookout we headed to Silverdale road and made our way to the Oaks for a Pub lunch stop. After the feed we made our way down the road to Nattai and the lookout over the catchment area,. this was a spectacular site. The model T ford club happened to be camped at the point so we had a fun hour looking at vintage cars before the return trip via Narellan.





                                 Oh my God. George.... Captain Chaos....!







Mt White Saturday 12th August.

 For those that can make the day we are looking at doing a ride up the Blue Mountains on Saturday. As I know many of you like to have a big one on Friday night we will have a later start that normal starting at 10.45 @ the following address. We will assemble out the front of Colinís place @ 38 Hopman Street Greystanes.

All those that can make the day please let me know by e-mail so we can get numbers.

The ride will be a shot one split into three legs. First leg is up to Springwood where we will make the first coffee and cake / lunch stop in the town centre. Those who made the last ride know the spot. From here we will make the trip to Kattomba and a rest stop before taking the return trip via bells liner stopping at the half way point for afternoon tea and the run back to home.









Springwood Run figure eight run 30th July  

We started by doing the pickup loop to Glenhaven, then off to meet the lads at Windsor.  From Windsor we made our way to Emu Plains and up to Glenbrook following the Mountain road to Springwood for a stop and coffee. Taking the road out of springwood and down to Yarramundi we worked our way through Richmond and Windsor and made the trip out to Sackville and across the ferry. Working our way back to Dural and Glenhaven for afternoon tea and the final leg home. 




                                                                                  Lookout at the Top before the decent to Yarramundi.


The Lads on a rest break, Nice camouflage leathers  :)



Putty Road May 28th  

We started by meeting at the Greystanes Inn Car Park @ 9.30am.From here we will proceed up Richmond road to Richmond for a stop and out to Singleton road for the run to Singleton. where we will stop for lunch. An easy pace back through Cessnock to to old road with a stop at Pie in the Sky for afternoon tea and the final leg. 




                                             Shop on the putty road                                                                                     Rodney and Colin


                                                                                                The Crew defrosting after the cold run up the Putty


Old Road Ride 2nd-04-2006:

This ride started out as a spur of the minute ride for a little fun one Sunday. The planned route was to make our way the the old Pacific HWY and have lunch at the Pie in the Sky. This is a popular stop for bike riders doing the old road. The route took us from Greystanes to Riverstone to pick up the other parties for the ride. Then from Riverstone along the back roads through Maraliya to Galston, From here along the Hwy to the old road and stopping just short of Brooklyn. After lunch we rode back along the old road and took the Berowra Road to the Berowra ferry. Back tracking our inbound route back to Riverstone.


Ride marked in Blue  _______________


Springwood Ride 23rd-04-2006:

After Leaving Greystanes at 9.00am We proceeded to make our way to Penrith along the Great Western HWY. Following the old road through to Emu Planes we joined the expressway and headed up the mountains making our way to Springwood for a first quick stop. The second stop was at to lookout heading toward Yarramundi, This would be a great place to stop for morning tea the next time we do this ride with a bigger group. We then started toward Richmond where we stopped for lunch and to rest our buts.  From Richmond we headed toward Karrajong and followed the road the Freedman's Reach. As this was a Double demerits weekend we had to take it easy and only spotted one Police car the whole trip. from here we decided to head back through Windsor and back home but we could have diverted through Wilberforce to make it more interesting. Next time. The whole ride went until 3.00 PM.


Ride marked in Blue  _______________

Jenolan 30th April 2006 Done, This ride was cut short due to (John Lucas) Prince of Darkness Ducati electrical system failure.

This ride is planned for a 8.00 Start at Greystanes My Place. From here we will make our way along the Freeway up through the Blue mountains and stop at Lawson for Morning Tea. From Lawson we will make our way down Mt Vic and toward Jenolan for Lunch.  From Jenolan we work our way up the mountain to Oberon stopping for Afternoon tea, From here we head back toward Mt Vic and homeward bound.


Ride marked in Blue  _______________


Kangaroo Valley Ride September 2005:

After Meeting at Collins Place in Greyastanes at 8.00 AM we proceeded up the M4 to the Ersikine Road turnoff and waited for the group to arrive. A number of bikes turned up for this ride, mostly Harley's. The gang was ready to go so at about 9.00 the group set off. After cutting through the back of Northern road we got on to the expressway heading South. From here a interesting game of dodge the cars began. As most of the Sunday drivers had come out this day it was a careful ride along the expressway. After stopping for fuel just out of Moss Vale we proceeded down the road leading into the valley. Lunch at the local pub was enjoyable but interrupted by a call from work. After finishing lunch we headed back to Sydney the way we came, but a slightly more aggressive pace. The day was a success with only minimal mechanical trouble from the group associated with Big V Twins rattling themselves apart and requiring More Cable ties..!


                                                                                                Ride marked in Blue  _______________


Braidwood 1st January 1997:

Dirt bike trip to Braidwood in 97. This was a good long weekend with the lads in the cold, but fast tracks around Braidwood, This was before the Green's made it illegal to go for a ride through the National Parks and forest. Who will keep the fire trails open now?  Note the photo of a bearded Andrew un-loading bikes.



August 2001 Forrest Lodge. Dirt Ride.

Well what can i say. We had planned this ride for some months so imagine our surprise when I arrived to find it was a white out. Still we unloaded bikes at 11.00PM and made our way through the snow to the warm fireplace in the main lounge room. The following morning was far worse, the snow was now coming in toward the back of the lodge and as slid past Andrew's room I noticed a little pain of glass cleared with a head shaking no way guys that's blizzard conditions. Never the less after a nice breakfast we all went out to slip and slide through the ice and snow. It was a great weekend with lots of roosting and fun.


                                    Is that what I think it is.... Yep...                                            Andrew and Ray prepare, those who are about to freeze solute you.


                Part of the track leading along the road.... Hmmm What road.                                        Good thing Vince brought the 4WD...!


                                                                              The view from the back of the lodge looking into the valley.