Frame after Sand Blasting and Power coating.

Test fitting the rear fender.

Test fitting the rear fender.

Engine after cleaning.

Regulator refitted.

Starter Solnoid.

Test Fit of the fairing

Making the dash bracket

Test fit of the guages

Fitting the rear shocks

Test fitting the new guards

Stand ready to go in

Rear Break rod and stand spring painting

frame ready for the motor

Painting the starter

Fitting the engine to the frame

New Bars and Headlight bracket fitted

Top view of the allignment

fitting the battery and electricals

Headlight Fitted

fitting Dash Pannel

Shot of the engine with Air boxes

Closeup of the Headlight

fitting the Carb after rebuild

Choke Lever installed

New Rear Wheel

Rear Shot of the wheel

Old Spokes

Air Boxes

Air Boxes

New Fairing back from the painters

Side Cover New Type

Front Guard

Fitting the Fairing

Fitting the bubble

Exhausts going on

Exhausts going on