Sombody has a new toy GRIN...

Close Up of the electric leg.

Shot from the side.

Marking the screen mounting points before test fitting.

Ray's Dirt bike Needs a clean.

Front on with the new screen test fitting.

Front on with the new screen test fitting. No.! No Disassemble...!

Rear view before the strip down.

Oopps look the donk fell out. Well not realy it needed some help.

Side view of the frame during disassembly.

The Tank with the large dent already poped out off to the painter for work.

The first box of parts removed.

View of the Front cylinder.

Front View of the frame.

Rear battery box section with most of the electrics removed.

Head Stock View after removing the top tripple clamp.

Seat and fairing ready to go for some repair work.

Rear Wheel removed.

Box of removed items.

Side View.

Frame ready to go to the sand blaster.

Front Forks.

Rear Swing arm.