1941 WLA Restoration

1941 WLA Harley Davidson Re-Build. .
Ok so I needed a new challenge.

Well I have spent many years looking for a complete bike that was priced reasonably, and after about 5 years of looking I realised that I needed to just get into building one for myself.

All of the bikes on the market were either way too expensive for something that is really not a practical every day bike, and by the time I restored the Bike to as new condition the cost was prohibitive.

I wanted to use the thing for weekend club riding and fun, and I didn't want it to let me down. Upon close inspection of the components I had, everything needed doing.

In the End I also had to start from scratch, as many parts were missing and or just too far gone. I was lucky, and did manage to get a complete motor and gearbox, as well as a complete frame that had not been hacked up, a OEM front end was a bonus. Most of the Military parts came from various sources including a Harley expert in Sydney. He was a source of many parts as well as very helpful with the complexities and differences between a stock 45 Harley and the military one. Here are some shots from the project kick off, YES there is loads of work and collecting of parts to come. I will do a time line as I did for my Ducati rebuild as I slowly build this one up. With Luck I can do a write up of the process and the detail as time permits.



                                                           Frame and Parts                                               Generator                                              Spotlight


                                           Mock Up Frame                                              Springer Test Fit                                                   Springs


                                                                         Front Guard                                                                           WLA frame ready for paint


 Rebuilding the Tanks They were in very poor condion so we needed to cut then open and completely rebuild them propery.


                                                                                                                 Mockup of the parts on the frame                                    

                                                                                                                       Rear Carrier Test Fit after paint                                                                      Front Hub rebuild


                                                Front Wheel Painted                                                   Drying                                                     Front Fender Test Fit


                                                                                                Engine and Transmission in the new frame   

Sorting the Primary Drive

Oil Lines and Exhaust Fitting

Brakes on

Horn and Headlight fitting this was Fun..!

Ammo Box is on

Bars and Dash coming together

Rear Wheel setting up the right spacers

Tool Box is on

Air Box and Carburettor

Seat on for a test of the bushing

Generator and Carb snout

Clutch fitting and adjustment

Starting the wiring

More Wiring

Connecting the Spotlight and horn button

Starting to look like an ARMY bike J

Ready for Fluids

Dash on waiting for Military Cats Eyes


Tail Light wiring and Generator connection

Almost there

And Finally the finished product. I have learned a lot about early military Harleys and the process of this rebuild has given me many insights to what re good parts and what is rubbish as far as available components for these bikes. I spent a lot of time and effort to get all original OEM metal on this bike and it took far longer doing it that way. The difference is I believe it ended up as a better product. Replica components just are not of the same quality as the original parts.