In July 1913,
the Marconi and Telefunken interests in Australia were combined to form the Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Pty Ltd. It was also known as AWA, and made spark transmitters and receivers, for coastal wireless stations and ships.
1913 The Marconi School of Wireless was opened.
1920 Valve manufacture began.
1923 Domestic radio broadcasting began, and domestic transmitters and receivers were made,
1926 AWA setup the "Beam Wireless" telegraph service to Great Britian, then in 1928 to Canada, and in 1930 a radiotelphone service.
1932 AWA "Empire State" domestic receiver model.
1934 To instruct engineers on how to use AWA made valves, the Radiotron Designer's Handbook was written by Fritz Langford Smith, and the expanded 4th edition published in 1952.
1956 AWA made black and white television receivers and transmitters.
1957 AWA made transistors, and in 1967, designed and manufactured integrated circuits.
1975 AWA made colour TV receivers and transmitters.
1987 AWA experienced financial difficulties, and major sections were sold off in 1991, to Plessey and British Aerospace.
Today. AWA is operating as an IT services business. Domestic radios with the AWA branding are made in China and sold in Woolworths.

A Centerary Celebration was held on 28 July 2013 to mark 100 years of service. There were many speakers, talking about various aspects of the company, from domestic receiver production, commercial equipment, and about several people in the organisation, including the founding director, Sir Ernest Fisk. Dick Smith talked about his involement with AWA. There were several displays of equipment. Myself an Ray Poularas were asked to put on a display of military equipment manufactured by AWA.

AT21 transmitter, AT5 transmitter, AR8 receiver, FS6 transceiver.

WSNo.19 transceiver,WSNo.11 transceiver, 3BZ transmitter, C17020 Amenities receiver.

A510 transmitter receiver,WSNo.19 transceiver,WSNo.11 transceiver.

PRC-F1 transceiver, Australphone transmitter receiver, A510 transmitter receiver.

Barra sonobuoy, PRC-F1 transceiver.

Radio station 2CH.

Test Instruments.