WBA062 BATTERY, DRY, Wireless 45 Volts (Aust.)
Dimensions: 4.375 inches wide, 2.625 inches deep, 5.75 inches high, top recessed 0.625 inches.
There are 2 brass Fahnestock clips, longways, centres are 2 inches apart, labeled NEG. and +45V
Case is black cardboard, with no markings other than the label on one side.
Top is raw brown cardboard with the 2 clips and the labels stamped in black, like from a inked stamp pad.
Case is one piece. Recessed top is affixed with 6 staples.
Side picture (85k)

CPRC-26 Battery Top view 33K
CPRC-26 Battery Terminals 9K

WB2733 BATTERY, DRY, H.T./L.T. 162/3 VOLTS No.1
Dimensions: 8 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep,  5 inches high.
Construction: Six 1.5 volt cells connected in series parallel to make the 3 volt LT. battery.
Many small cells connected in six bundles, to make the 162 volt battery.
Case is thick green cardboard, with no markings, other than the top.
There is a round hole with a slightly recessed 5 pin female connector.
Top picture  (70k).