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TYPE       INPUT         USE       (OUTPUT)
2A (input 12vdc, output 300vdc, -150vdc, 6vdc) TR1143 (original English version of the SCR-522) 

3H1514-22 RBM receiver
5D21NJ3A (input 27vdc, output 115vac@485W 400hz 1ph)
5053 (input 28vdc@1.4a, output 250vdc@0.060a) A.G. REDMOND
51S1 (input 26vdc, output 1500vdc@200ma 330vdc 100ma)
21215A (input 12vdc) RU-18 receiver
21441 (input 24vdc) RU-19 receiver
21531 ARA receiver
21626 ATA transmitter
21724 ATB transmitter
21881B (input 12vdc, output 400vdc, 225vdc) TCS transmitter and receiver

B-19 (input 12vdc, output 275vdc@110ma, 500vdc@50ma)
BD-77 (input 14vdc, output 1000vdc@350ma) BC-191 transmitter
BD-87-F (input 14vdc, output 330vdc)
BD-AG-83 (input 14vdc) SCR-J-183 (BC-229 receiver, BC-230 transmitter)
BD-AO-83 (input 14vdc@6.5a, output 375vdc@150ma)

COL-211330-A (input 12/28vdc) TCS transmitter and receiver
CLG-20144, TBY transceiver (vibrator) 

D-10(14V) (input 14vdc) ARC type 12
D-10(28V) (input 28vdc) ARC type 12
D-10A(14V) (input 14vdc) ARC type 12
D-10A(28V) (input 28vdc) ARN-30
D-101 (input 28vdc, output 166vdc@90ma) RAX-1 CG-46115 receiver
D-201 (input 28vdc, output 166vdc@90ma) RAX-1 CG-46116 receiver
D-301 (input 28vdc, output 166vdc@90ma) RAX-1 CG-46117 receiver

DA-29A  (input 25vdc@19.5a, output 600vdc@500ma)Bendix
DAG-33 (input 18vdc, output 450vdc@60ma)

DM-10 (input 14vdc and 28vdc) ARC-60
DM-17 (input 14vdc) BC-312
DM-20 (input 14vdc) SCR-280, BC-431 radio compass
DM-21 (input 14vdc, output 235vdc@90ma) BC-312-(*) , BC-314-(*)
DM-21X (input 28vdc) BC-312-HX, BC-312-NX
DM-24 (input 14vdc) BC-224
DM-25 (input 12vdc, output 250vdc@50ma)
DM-28 (input 28vdc, output 270vdc@70ma) BC-348 rreceiver
DM-32 (input 28vdc) SCR-274N receiver
DM-33 (input 28vdc, output 540vdc@250ma) SCR-274N transmitter
DM-34D (input 12vdc, output 220vdc 80ma) BC-603 or BC-683 receiver
DM-35D (input 12vdc, output 600vdc) BC-604 or BC-684 transmitter
DM-36D (input 24vdc, output 220vdc@80ma) BC-603 or BC-683 receiver
DM-37D (input 24vdc, output 600vdc) BC-604 or BC-684 transmitter
DM-40 (input 12vdc) BC-652 receiver
DM-41 (input 12vdc) BC-652 receiver
DM-42 (input 12vdc, output 515/1030vdc@215/260ma, 2/8vdc)BC-653 transmitter
DM-43 (input 24vdc, output 515/1030vdc@215/260ma, 2/8vdc) BC-653 transmitter
DM-53 (input 24vdc@1.4a, output 220vdc@80ma)
DM-64A (input 12vdc) BC-925
DM-65A (input 12vdc) BC-924 receiver
DM-23350 (input 27vdc, output 285vdc@75ma)
DMX 310 (input 24vdc) Type 12 receivers

DV-14 ARN-59 (input 13/26vdc, output 125vdc@100ma, 13vac@800ma 100hz) (replacement for P-14A)

DY-2A (input 28vdc) ARC-5 receiver, ARR-2 receiver
DY-8 (input 28vdc ) ARC-5 transmitter
DY-9 ARC-1 (input 28vdc, output 360vdc)
DY-10  ARC-1
DY-17  (output 400vdc, 750vdc) ART-13 transmitter
DY-21 (input 28vdc@7a, output 410vdc@325 ma) ARC-3 transmitter
DY-22 (input 28vdc@1.8a, output 210vdc@125ma) ARC-3 receiver
DY-31 ARC-2
DY-34 ARR-15
DY-66 (input 24vdc) ARN-14
DY-79 (input 24vdc) R-395
DY-84 (input 26vdc, output 250vdc) ARN-14A
DY-86 (input 28vdc, output 250vdc@85ma) ARN-30, ARC-60
DY-88 (input 6/12/24vdc, output 580vdc@100ma, 105vdc@45ma, 6.3vdc@2a, 1.4vdc@500ma, 6.3vdc@575ma) RT-77/GRC-9
DY-89 (input 14vdc) ARC type 12
DY-90 (input 28vdc) ARC type 12
DY-91 (input 14vdc) ARC type 12
DY-93 (input 12vdc, output 380vdc@180ma, 225vdc@45ma, -25vdc@5ma) T-208, T-278, T-417 transmitter
DY-98 (input 24vdc@7a, output  405vdc@270 ma) VRC-6 VRC-19
DY-105 (input 24vdc, output 580vdc@100ma, 105vdc@45ma, 6.3vdc@2a, 1.4vdc@500ma, 6.3vdc@575ma) RT-77/GRC-9
DY-107 (input 27vdc, output 138vdc@140ma, 310vdc@30ma, 27vac 400hz 3ph 10va) ARC-44
DY-118  (input 28vdc, output 600vdc@550ma, 250vdc@150ma, -28vdc, -50vdc, -65vdc) ARC-38 , RT-311 -594 

GN-35 (input hand crank, output 350vdc@60ma, 8vdc@2.5a)
GN-45 (input hand crank , output 500vdc@100ma, 6vdc@3a) BC-654 

MG-149 (input 24vdc, output 115vac@500W 400hz 1ph, 26vac@250w 400hz 1ph)
MP-5A24 (input 24vdc, output 225vdc@70ma) RA-1B receiver
MP-10 (input 24vdc, output 1000vdc@400ma, 230vdc)
MP-288 TA-12 tx, unit also includes modulator

P-13 (input 115vac, output 24vdc, 250vdc) SCR-274N bench psu
P-14A (input 13/26, output 125vdc@100ma, 13vac@800ma 100hz) ARN-59  (replaced by solid state DV-14)

PE-55 (input 12vdc, output 500vdc@400ma) SCR-245 BC-223 transmitter
PE-73 (input 28vdc, output 1000vdc@350ma) BC-375 transmitter
PE-86-A (input 28vdc, output 250vdc@60ma) RC-36 interphone BC-347 amp, BC-366 box
PE-94 (input 28vdc) SCR-522 (BC-624 rx, BC-625 tx)
PE-97 BC-620/BC-659
PE-101 (input 13/26vdc, output 400vdc@135ma, 800vdc@20ma, 9vac@1.12a)
PE-103 (input 6/12vdc) BC-654
PE-104 (input 6/12vdc vibrator pack) BC-654
PE-109  115vac 400hz
PE-120 (input 6/12/24vdc) BC-620, -659.
PE-206 (input 28vdc, output 80vac@800hz)
PE-218 (input 28vdc, output 115vac@1500va 400hz )
PE-237 (input 6/12/24vdc, output 1.4vdc, 105vdc, 6.3vdc, 105vdc) BC-1306 (vibrator) 
PP-109 (input 12vdc) RT-66, RT-67, RT-68
PP-112 (input 24vdc) RT-66, RT-67, RT-68
PP-114 (input 6/12/24vdc) BC-1000 (vibrator)
PP-351 (input 120/240vac, output (.9-1.8vdc@1.5a,  2.5-8.6vdc@1.5a, 22.5-150vdc@100ma, 22.5-150vdc@100ma)  PRC-8, PRC-9, PRC-10 SCR-510, SCR-610, BC-1000
PP-352 (input 28vdc, output 115vac@1.4kw 400hz 3ph 1ph sine) TRC-75 transmitter
PP-380 (input 110vac) TCS transmitter receiver
PP-1398, (input 28vdc) ARR-39A.
PP-2684 (input 6vdc, output 75-260vac) GRC-109 RT-3 T-784 R-1004 RR-2
PP-3700 (input 110vac) PRC-41
PP-6109 (input 110vac) PNH-7.
PTAD-101 (input 110/220vac, 11-32vdc) URC-100-112.
PU-14 (input 24vdc, output 115vac@100va 400hz 1ph)
PU-385(XW-1) (input 110vac) FRC-44

ZA/USA 0515 (input 12/24vdc, output 500vdc@50ma)
ZA/USA 0516 (input 12/24vdc, output 275vdc@110ma)
ZA20733 (input 11.5 vdc, output (600vdc@250ma) RF Amplifier No.2 

Ray Robinson <robinson@srsuna.shlrc.mq.edu.au>