Ray Robinson vk2no
23 Febraury 2010

A    (Activate) press and hold for 2 seconds to turn FS5000 ON
                        press to turn it OFF
                        display shows "FS5000 V2.2" on top line

B   (Bandwidth) press to toggle between Wide and Narrow
                           display shows "W" or "N" on second line

C    (Catch = Receive) enter receive frequency
                                     display shows "R   .       0" on top line
                                     enter frequency as 7 digits
                                     less than 7 digits are ignored, if more, then the first 7 digits are used
                                     range is 500khz to 29.999 mhz (no range checking is performed)
                                     eg. 7.01 mhz enter as 0701000

D   (Deliver = Transmit) enter transmitter frequency
                                     display shows "T  .     0"

#    (Receive) load the reciver frequency an go to receive mode

*    (Transmit) load the transmit frequency and go to transmit mode
                       press * a second time to activate the ATU
                       if a successful tune,  display shows "*" after 1 second

0-9          set the frequency

Morse Key     press to send CW

Notes: 1/. If a high SWR occurs, the transmitter will trip OFF
            and the display will not show "*"
            2/. receive frequency has a 2 khz offset subtracted by software
            3/. transmit frequency has a 50khz offset subtracted by software
            4/. it is a USB reciver, so there will be a 1khz heterodyne on AM signals
            5/.  to receive AM add 1 khz when entering frequency
            6/. default reciever frequency is 703 khz (for my local AM station on 702)
            7/. default transmit frequncy is 3.600 mhz