29126 ARA/ATA shock antenna relay
46128 RAX rx rack
46011 RU-18, RU-19 rx mount
46085 ARA/ATA shock 2rx
46110 ARA/ATA rack 2rx
46150 ARA/ATA shock 3rx
46149 ARA/ATA rack 3rx
49107 ARA/ATA adapter remote
50084 ARA/ATA shock modulator
52212 ARA/ATA rack 2tx
52213 ARA/ATA shock 2tx
62036 ARA/ATA adpater power

FT-107 PE-73 dynamotor mount (BC-375 tx)
FT-115 BC-375 tx mount
FT-141 BD-AS-83 dyno mount (used with the BC-230 and BC-430)
FT-142 BC-396 antenna tuning unit mount (BC-375 tx)
FT-151 BC-375 tx mount
FT-154 BC-348 rx shock
FT-161 BC-357 beacon rx shock
FT-213 SCR-269 (BC-433 radio compass)
FT-220 SCR-274N rack 3rx
FT-221 SCR-274N shock 3rx
FT-222 SCR-274N mounting plate 3rx control box
FT-225 SCR-274N shock modulator
FT-226 SCR-274N rack 2tx
FT-227 SCR-274N shock 2tx
FT-228 SCR-274N mounting plate tx control box
FT-229 SCR-274N antenna relay shock mount
FT-230 SCR-274N remote rx adapter
FT-231 SCR-274N shock 1rx
FT-232 SCR-274N shock 1tx
FT-233 SCR-274N rack 1rx
FT-234 SCR-274N rack 1tx
FT-235 SCR-274N mounting plate 1rx control box
FT-237 SCR-608 rack = BC-683 rx + BC-684 tx
FT-240 SCR-274N mounting plate 2rx control box
FT-247 BC-966 IFF shock
FT-253 SCR-506 rack = BC-652 rx + BC-653 tx
FT-255 SCR-515 = ABA IFF shock
FT-260 SCR-274N local rx adapter
FT-262 SCR-274N shock 3tx
FT-264 SCR-274N rack 4rx
FT-276 SCR-274N rack 3tx
FT-277 SCR-274N rack 2rx
FT-278 SCR-274N shock 4rx
FT-279 SCR-274N shock 2rx
FT-310 SCR-274N power adapter
FT-331 SCR-274N rack 4tx
FT-332 SCR-274N shock 4tx
FT-293 BC-733 localiser rx shock
FT-416 BC-966 IFF shock
FT-482 BC-1306 vehicle mount

M-11A A.R.C. type 12 ARC-60 (T-11, T-13 tx) mount
M-12A A.R.C. type 12,ARC-60 (R-10, R-11, R-15, R-19, TV-10 transverter) mount
M-13 A.R.C. type 12 (C-37, C-38 control) mount
M-16 A.R.C. type 12 (C-27, C-47 control) mount
M-18 A.R.C. type 12 (C-16, C-17, C-18, C-54, C-55 control) mount
M-19 A.R.C. type 12, ARC-60 (C-25 control) mount
M-20 A.R.C.  type 12 (K-12 realy) mount
M-23 A.R.C. type12 (R-20 rx) mount
M-24 A.R.C. type 12,ARC-60 (K-13 relay) mount
M-26A A.R.C. type 21A, ARN-59 receiver mount
M-28A A.R.C. type 21A, ARN-59 dynamotor mount

MT-2 ARR-1 mounting plate
MT-4 ARC-5 mounting plate rx control
MT-5 ARC-5 shock 1rx
MT-7A ARC-5 rack 1rx
MT-13 ARR-3 dynamotor shock
MT-14 APN-1 altimeter shock
MT-28 ARN-5 compass shock
MT-62 ARC-5 shock 2rx
MT-63 ARC-5 rack 2rx
MT-64 ARC-5 shock 3rx
MT-65 ARC-5 rack 3rx
MT-66 ARC-5 shock 4rx
MT-67 ARC-5 rack 4rx
MT-68 ARC-5 shock 1tx
MT-69 ARC-5 rack 1tx
MT-70 ARC-5 shock 2tx
MT-71 ARC-5 rack 2tx
MT-72 ARC-5 shock 3tx
MT-73 ARC-5 rack 3tx
MT-74 ARC-5 shock 4tx
MT-75 ARC-5 rack 4tx
MT-76 ARC-5 shock modulator
MT-77 ARC-5 shock relay
MT-78 ARC-5 mounting plate rx control
MT-80 ARC-5 mounting plate tx control
MT-84 ARC-5 mounting plate junction box
MT-85 ARC-5 mounting plate junction box
MT-96 APS-3 shockmount
MT-98 ARC-5 mounting plate control box
MT-108 APX-1 IFF shock
MT-159 ARC-5 shock loading coil
MT-171 ARR-5, ARR-7 APR-5, APA-23 shock
MT-274 ARN-6 receiver mount.
MT-275 ARN-6 control box mount.
MT-284 ART-13 shock tx
MT-286 APA-5 shock
MT-298 VRQ-1 rack = RT-66, R-108, PP-109
MT-327 mount RT-66 R108 PP-109
MT-411 ARC-5 rack 1rx 12 volt
MT-421 ARC-2 shock txrx
MT-768/URR, mount for GRR-5.
MT-1029 VRC-12 rack = RT-246  or AM-2060/PRC-25, -77
MT-1140 ARC-12, ARC-60 mounting rack
MT-1140 ARC-60 rx mount
MT-1141 ARC-60 control mount
MT-1142 ARC-60 tx mount
MT-1143 ARC-60 control mount
MT-1174 ARN-30D mount
MT-1175 ARN-30D mounting rack
MT-1414 DY-118  ARC-38 rack
MT-1415  ARC-38 rack
MT-1677 ARC-60 relay mount
MT-1898 rack R-442
MT-2641 ARC-94 rack (618T) also 390J-1 (similar to PP-3702)
MT-2699 ARC-73 shock
MT-3114 shock mount R1051, RT-618
MT-3140 mount GRC-106 tx rx
MT-6147 ARC-164 mount
MX-19 ARC-5 adapter audio
MX-20 ARC-5 adapter power
MX-21 ARC-5 adapter remote
MX-2799, base/tuner/spring/mount for AT-912(vehicular antenna)
PP-3702 ARC-102 rack (618T) also 390J-2 (similar to MT-2641)