Wireless Set Type C MkII ("Cork" set)

The C set or "Cork" set from the early 1930s, covers the frequency range 600 to 2000 meters (500 to 150khz) and has one valve (AT50) in the sender producing 45 watts. The receiver has 4 valves (AR3), which function as an RF amplifier, autodyne detector and two audio stages. It also had a Wavemeter 'C' MkII. During a shed clean out, a friend (PK) found the wavemeter and gave it to me. The wavemeter is in very good condition. Also found were 2 knobs off the receiver, 2 valves, the front panel, and 2 tuning condensers.
Wireless Set 'C' MkII (154k)
Close view of the receiver (198k)
Close view of the Wavemeter 'C' MkII (19k)
C sender circuit (15k)
C receiver circuit(14k)