Equipment Available for Trade

13/. ATR2B transceiver, HF portable, 1940s, dirty, incomplete, missing knobs valves, case and meter.

21/. AT21 transmitter, HF, 150 watts, made by AWA in 1940s, good condition (also known in the USA as the AMT150).

26/. Power supply for AT21 transmitter, good condition, heavy.

22/. WAVEMETER Type W1117 Ref No.10T/10220 Serial No.5042 (125kHz-20mHz) English, Good condition, with valves, with nice fibreboard calibration chart, looks original, plug in meter missing, meter mount has 3 holes and file marks, but these will be covered by a meter. AC PSU built in battery compartment, amateurish job. Two scratches on front, one on aerial terminal, Some scratches on name plate. 30lbs wt.

23/. WAVEMETER TF701A Type GL/T No.3 ZC2129 No.1247 MARCONI-EKCO INST English 50-90mcs. Looks original, front panel OK, with valves, has circuit on the back, no case, plug in meter missing (500-0-500uA), 2 small knobs missing, bottom peanut triode broken (type VR78). 22lbs wt.

24/. WAVEMETER Type W1649 Ref No.10T/6045 Serial No.35876 (140-250Mhz) English, Looks original, no case, with valves, spare VR135 inside (horned triode), good condition. 16lbs wt.

25/. WAVEMETER Class C No.1 (Aust) 1942 Type R7647  1470-2870kHz, 2800-5520kHz, 5280-10250kHz coverage. Good condition, 28lbs wt

32/. Murphy B40 receiver heavy

33/. AR8 receiver . No covers.

35/. Type G power supply for AR8 and AT5, has 2 dynos, missing covers, don't know if it works, heavy

36/. AWA R7077 BFO (audio oscillator), good condition, don't know if it works, heavy

40/. Aerial tuner for A510 transceiver.

41/. Bowden cable for MN-26 radio compass.

45/. SCR-522A VHF transmitter receiver, not working, good condition. 23kg.

46/. BC-624 VHF receiver, part of SCR-522. Modified. Good cond.

47/. BC-625 VHF transmitter, part of SCR-522. Modified. Good cond.

48/. PE-94A, dynamotor supply for SCR-522. seems complete, don't know if it works. Good cond. 18kg.

49/. SCR-522 Test set, I-130A oscillator and battery box, BX-33A, don't know if it works 12kg, 5kg.

50/. SCR-522 Field strength meter I-95A, seems complete, don't know if it works. Good cond. 4kg.

53/. TA12 transmitter, left hand half only, someone has cut it in half! Good cond (whats remaining)

54/. MP-288 power supply for TA-12 transmitter, corroded dirty, missing covers and valves, one dyno end cover missing, otherwise looks OK, probably just needs a repaint and some covers made.

55/. BC-375 transmitter, rusty.

63/. R1155 receiver, good condition, has builtin power supply.

64/. AR88 receiver, good condition.

66/. AR21 (TS100): coils..... BLUE(13-25mcs) Aerial, RF2, Osc, GOLD(7-4mcs) Aerial, RF2, RED(3.5-7.2mcs) Aerial, RF1, RF2, BLACK(1.4-3.6mcs) RF1, RF2, Osc.
I will swap for other coils I need which are; HRO, AR7 (silver or brass),

69/. R5223 receiver, 1.5-30.5mhz in 30 bands 1mhz wide, same design as Collins 51J3 receiver. Good condition, aligned, working, 20 of the 30 bands work as it is missing 3 crystals (9, 10.666, 12 mhz in HC6U holders which will enable the other bands), has green alloy case.

70/. Remote Handset Number 1, YA9311, used with the Larkspur series, new.

71/. TH-22/TG, Telegraph terminal,  FSK, Mark 1317.5 Hz, Space 1232.5 Hz, 20 MA loop, 240VAC, 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 22-30 VDC, 4-wire (full duplex) or 2-wire (half duplex) circuits, 10 kgs, TM 11-5805-356-12. Used with UGC-74 teleprinter and PRC-47 radio. Good condition, very dusty, looks complete, with cover.

Ray Robinson

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