Equipment Available for Trade

1/. DYNAMARK film, 3M product for making front panel labeling, used after SCOTHCAL. Sheet size 12" x24". Colour is Black/White. New old stock. Needs developer, I don't have any, can you tell me where to get some.

17/. Signal generator, HF, MARCONI TF801 older valve type, good condition.

33/. FLUKE 407D, Bench HV power supply, 0 to +550VDC, 0 to -250VDC, 6.3VAC, good condition, working.

50/. Chart Recorder, YEW3003, setup to measure 20amps 50hz on linear paper, good condition, in its box, with paper and manual.

81/. Heathkit VTVM, IM-13E, Ranges are VoltsAC, Volts+DC, Volts-DC, OHMS. Needs a probe. Has 240VAC cord, but inside is a transformer with dual 115 v windings. Has 2 valves. Reasonable condition. Works on the DC ranges.

Ray Robinson <>

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