American Equipment Wanted

T-89 transmitter 100-125mcs,
T-90 transmitter 125-156mcs,
R-112 receiver 100-125mcs,
R-113 receiver 125-156mcs,
MD-7 modulator,
MT-67 black receiver rack (4rx),
MT-66 shock mount (4rx),
MT-69 black transmitter rack (1tx),
MT-73 black transmitter rack (3tx),
MT-75 black transmitter rack (4tx),
MT-68 shock mount (1tx) ,
MT-72 shock mount (3tx) ,
MT-74 shock mount (4tx) ,
C-24 receiver control box ,
C-52 receiver control box,
C-53 receiver control box,
C-25 knob for D/F (ARC7491),
C-24, adapter (for local control),
TN-6 antenna tuner.

FT-277 black receiver rack (2rx),
FT-264 black receiver rack (4rx),
FT-231 shock mount (1rx),
FT-278 shock mount (4rx),
FT-234 black transmitter rack (1tx),
FT-276 black transmitter rack (3tx),
FT-331 black transmitter rack (4tx),
FT-232 shock mount (1tx),
FT-227 shock mount (2tx),
FT-262 shock mount (3tx),
FT-332 shock mount (4tx),
FT-264 silver receiver rack (4rx),
FT-276 silver transmitter rack (3tx),
FT-331 silver transmitter rack (4tx),
silver rear box from 2 transmitter rack,
BC-950 black transmitter 100-125mcs,
MC-215 spline cable,
FT-260 local adapter
FT-310 power adapter
nameplate for an FT-233

46149 Rack for 3 receivers
46110 Rack for 2 receivers
46150 Shock mount for receivers (3 rx)
46085 Shock mount for receivers (2 rx)
7054 Mounting for 3 rx control box
23155 Control box for 2 receivers
6831 Mounting for 2 rx control box
49107 Adapter with switch
62036 Adapter with aux outlet
50083 Modulator
50084 Shock mount for Modulator
52208 Transmitter 3-4mcs
52209 nameplate
52210 Transmitter 5.3-7mcs
52312 Transmitter single rack
52212 Transmitter twin rack
52213 Transmitter twin rack shock mount
23243 Transmitter control box
7083 Mount for tx control box
29125 Antenna relay
29126 Antenna relay shock mount

AS-580A rams horn antenna

Parts for the RU-18 RECEIVER
21215A Dynamotor,
23050 Antenna-Loop,
Local control knob,
coil boxes D, E, F, K, OP, LN, QG, QM, QF,
PL-134 6 pin female cable type connector for dynamotor (similar to PL-P104)
PL-135 7 pin female cable type connector for receiver switch box (similar to PL-P104)
PL-133 10 pin (+1 locating)  female cable type connector for receiver control box (similar to PL-P61)

Parts for the BC-375 TRANSMITTER
Top cover
FT-151 Shock mount

Parts for the RA-1B RECEIVER
PL-3 (6 pin female cable type connector) power to receiver (similar to PL-P62)
PL-4 (6 pin female cable type connector) power from dyno (similar to PL-P62)
PL-7 (3 pin female cable type connector) power to dyno (similar to PL-P77)

Parts for the R-392 receiver
Antenna post

Accessories for the TBX-8 transceiver
Power supply

Parts for the BC-611 walkie talkie
antenna, antenna insulator, antenna guide, meter link, transparent internal plastic switch cover strip.

Parts for the SCR-511 (called the POGO STICK radio)
BC-746 tuning units (I have spare units to swap)
little knob off the top of the antenna

Parts for an ATD transmitter (CRR-52253)
Control box type 23280
Panels for the transmitter (side, top, bottom),

Modules for the miniature RS-6 transceiver
Filter type RA-6
Receiver type RR-6
Power supply type RP-6

ARC-115 transceiver
ATB transmitter dynamotor type 21724, control box type 2331
GF-11 coil boxes (for the transmitter),
empty case for a GRC-9 txrx
PPN-1 transponder
TBY morse key, microphone, and whip antenna
TCS ac power supply PP-380
SCR-504 (BC-792) suitcase radio
PRC-1 suitcase radio
PRC-5 suitcase radio
SSTR-1 suitcase radio
SSR-5 portable radio
AT-4 small antenna for APN-1 altimeter

Ray Robinson <>

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