British and Canadian Equipment Wanted

T1115 transmitter
Type A Mk 111 suitcase radio
Type B Mk 11 suitcase radio
WS No.18 audio output transformer
WS No.27 transceiver
WS No.38 MK I transceiver
WS No.76 transmitter

Coils wanted for an R1082 receiver
Aerial coils: A, L
Anode coils: A, L, S50
D/F coils: J, K
(I have spare coils for swap, Aerial: F, H1 and Anode: F, H1)

Coils wanted for a T1083 transmitter
Coil M.O. range A coil (15000-10000kcs)
Coil M.O. range B coil (10000-6000kcs)
Coil M.O. range C coil (6000-3000kcs)
Coil M.O. range D coil (500-136kcs)
(I have spare tank coils to swap)

10RT morse key
10RT transmitter
10RT power supply
10RT microphone

Parts for a Tornister Eb receiver (picture)
TornEb receiver plug (picture)
TornEb receiver cover (picture)
transmitter 5WS for a TornEb receiver (picture)
transmitter 30WSa for a TornEb receiver (picture)
transmitter 100WS for a TornEb receiver (picture)
morse key used with a transmitter (picture)
morse key used with a transmitter (picture)
microphone used with a transmitter (picture)
umformer (dynamotor)
AQST receiver (looks like a HRO)

Parts for a WS No.29 (Canadian) transceiver
lower cover for A set
Key No.9
Mic&Hdgr C22
Control C102
Variometer C2
B set aerial dipole C1 base C4

Parts for an R209 receiver
aerial terminal.

Parts for a WS No.46
coil box for 7mcs
crystal 7.100mc
crystal 5.550mcs, br> Aerial Adaptor Unit.

Other parts wanted
Aerial rods type B (12" long)
Aerial rods type F (48" long)
J-switch knob (used on T1154 transmitter)
RF Amplifier Mk2 remote control connector, 2 pin
Marconi CR150 (B29) coax aerial connector

Ray Robinson <>

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