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This is the Zenith Stratosphere Page. I have been collecting radio's for many years and I thought it time that I put together a gallery of the Zenith range of radio's. This was one of my favourites.

If you have any pictures of Zenith Stratosphere please send them to us.
Thankyou to the OldRadioZone.com for the Pictures of these Statosphere's..



Zenith Stratosphere Model 16-A-63, 1936.

This is the more elaborately designed cabinet of the two 16-tube Stratosphere's available for the 1936 and 1937 model years. The "baby" Strat, as it’s called has a main chassis (1601-C) and a power pack chassis (1601-P). The 16-A-63 features all-wave radio reception on 6 wave bands with 4 simplified dial ranges, large multi-coloured dial, shadowgraph tuning and 2 speakers. The tube line-up includes: (3) 6K7, (1) 6A8, (1) 6H6, (1) 6F5, (5) 6F6, (1) 6C6, (4) 5Y3.


Zenith Stratosphere Model 1000Z, 1935-1938.

The 25-tube Zenith Stratosphere is one of the most sought after radios in the world. And at 50 ˝ inches tall it is also one of the biggest. The 1000Z also revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the new Zenith Big Black Dial. According to Zenith expert Martin Blankinship, the 1000Z serial numbers ran from 754001 to around 754350, indicating that around 350 sets were actually produced. According to Zenith Radio, the Early Years 1919-1935 by Cones and Bryant, the first 100 Stratosphere's tuned to 64.3mc, but subsequent units only tuned to 45mc, such as mine. The unit pictured here holds serial number 754157 for the main chassis and 756157 for the power supply and amplifier chassis. The final 3 digits-- "157" denote this Stratosphere’s manufacturing order. This 1000Z is completely original except for new capacitors that were replaced during chassis restoration. The price for the 1000Z remained at $750.00 for its entire 4-year sales cycle. Today only about 40-50 Stratosphere's are known to have survived.

Pictured Bellow is the chassis and plans for the 1000Z


Bellow a Zenith 16 Tube Stratosphere Model after Restoration (Pictures Thanks to David Wilson).

David has done a very nice job here with his Zenith Stratosphere


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