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Here is a listing of all of the Zenith Trans Oceanic radio's made by Zenith Corporation from 1942.

Model Universal 4K400M (1940)

The 1942 Model L7G605 "Bomber" clipper with flip down
cover vice lift up flap style cover.
S/N T877202 (TR-001)
The "clipper" model began limited production in October '41 and began delivery to the public in January 1942. There was also a model with a ship printed on the speaker gloth. This one has the bomber and is called the bomber clipper. This was the last "civilian" model until the end of World War II.

Model Universal 6G601 (1942)


The 8G005Y-TZ1 was produced from 1948 to 1949 with a later model, the TZ2, being produced in 1949 to replace it.

The civilian Trans Oceanic's started up again with the G500 produced from 1950 to 1951.

The H500 was produced from 1951 to December of 1953.

Zenith Model Index Chart for working out how they numbered those Models

The Zenith Transoceanic goes to war. Zenith temporarily suspended civilian production of the Transoceanic creating military models such as the R-520A shown here. The colour is olive green and they utilised a special paint to inhibit mould. These models are rare and there was another version, the R-520, which was brown. This model has a voltage selector switch for 110/220-vac. This unit even comes with the instruction manuals.
With this model, soldiers and sailors could take in the occasional ball game between battles, listen to progress reports concerning the war effort, and even listen to the election results. They might have even heard about a little rift between Harry S. Truman and General Douglas McArthur.

Trans-Oceanic T600 (1955)

Trans-Oceanic A600L (1958)

Zenith Zenette (1950)



Zenith 6G801 1949

Zenith 1000D

Zenith 3000

Zenith 7000 Trans Oceanic.


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