Tube Radio Australia
Radio Field Trip November 2010

This was our field trip to Heaton State Forest, Radio's were a plenty, and contacts on the night included New Zealand on 80M, and hearing other 80M stations in South and North America.

Contacts were attempted on the Sunday morning with limited success on the WWII equipment, although we made the grade in getting through to the call backs on the WIA

the response was that we were out of there pass band and had a heterodyne. Funny that, we were on AM after all.

The View looking toward the Hunter Due North

The WS-11 Set, about to be deployed

Setting up the Antenna Farm

Radio Shack for the night

The Trusty landcruiser

The Wireless Set 19 ready to go

The 50 Mhz antenna Assembly

50 meg Millitary operations

The Antenna Farm, 80M, 40M, and a Long wire - 120 feet

The backup Yaesu 101Z and Dentron Tuner MT-3000a

Morning Tea

Un-welcome Guests, reminisce of WWII ops in jungle conditions

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