AWA Wireless Set 11


The start of another project, The Wireless Set No-11.

As you can see from these first shots the Low Voltage Power Supply was a mess.

The Dynamotor was broken in numerous segments as the power supply had been dropped at some stage.

Notice the Cracks in the housing near the brushes and the broken bearing retainer in the background..!

The Two High Power Dyno's needing repair.

The low Power Housing after a few adjustments.

The Under Side of the Low Power Dyno with a Spare Housing in the back ground.

Splitting the cases. This was interesting, the retaining screws are behind the brushes, Small screws in the top of the metal housing hold the brush

carrier in place.

Notice one of the bearing retainers is missing as if fell to bits after the impact.

Mock Up to see if the other housing will fit. The metal castings are not very strong. take great care when working with them.

Re-assembled Low Power Dyno ready to go back into the power supply.

After cleaning the mess inside and outside the housing, I re-painted the front as it was badly scratched.

To make the Wrinkle finish look like the rest of the set i go over the second coat with a hand held  blow torch.

The paint needs a hand to wrinkle, and came up like the original after the heat was added.

All cleaned up and ready to go.

Dyno fitted, and ready for testing.

First Test run was Low on output @ 145v DC, On the bench before I mounted the Dyno it reached 215v, but a few poor capacitors were dragging it down the HV,

 After I replaced them the volts came up. I left the original Caps in place for reference.

And the Finished Product., Since this photo I also have the Remote Control Station.