2016 Wyong Field day and Swap

Well another year has passed and the Wyong field day has come and gone.

The event this year was a little more interesting in the paddock with the swap meet very well attended.


This year I would say the swap was better than the last few years. The vendor area was another story, looking sadly empty.

Jaycar were a no show so any hopes of cheap parts or bargains from their table were dashed.


On the other hand there were a number of interesting items in the swap for military collectors.

Dave had a good selection of vintage radio gear, and the chap next to him has a bunch of Command sets and other interesting gear. There were a number of B40’s, Command Sets, A very nice 51J4, AWA CR6B, 5 Gig Radar test sets with tuned cavity oscillator’s, and some Hallicrafter’s gear. A WWII Japanese receiver was spotted and snapped up by one of the lads.


The two Nets were run, the WWII net with two call backs, Peter, Dave Prince, Robert and Ray Poularas Later Alex called in but Noise on 80M was too much for the BC-611’s.


The A510 did a great job on the next as the alternate. Also the Cold war had the same participants. with better results in the 51Mhz band.


So what followed me home?? My tally ended up being a Watkins Johnson VLF receiver and a R524. See the Photos below of the various stalls and Swap.

                                         Tube Radio Australia Display, WJ, R744, BC348, BC611, PRR sets, A510


Closeups of the Sets and My Helpers for the day..



                                       Ian O’Tool’s Table with nice Gear, H2S, Japaneese Transmitter



                              The HRSA team with John and Friends.



Setting up of the Vendor Area


Photos from the SWAP meet 51J4 in the middle and Command sets, and a AWA CR6B LF / HF variant

B40 sits on the ground looking for a new home…as does a Kinsley with coil boxes and a Hammarlund

Swap areas looing down toward the car park and up from the car park.