WANTS and TRADES lists

Here are some lists of duplicate or surplus gear that I don't need. I would prefer to swap these for items that I have on the want lists. These are available in Sydney.

Swap list 1 (Military 1940s gear)
Swap list 2 (Commercial 1960s gear)
Swap list 3 (Domestic radios)
Swap list 4 (Test equipment)
Swap list 5 (Computer and video gear)
Swap list 6 (Valves)
Swap list 7 (Connectors)
Swap list 8 (Manuals and Magazines)

Want list 1 (USA gear)
Want list 2 (UK & Candian gear)
Want list 3 (Australian and NZ gear)
Want list 4 (Test equipment)
Want list 5 (Computers)
Want list 6 (Valves)
Want list 7 (Connectors)
Want list 8 (Manuals and Magazines)

RAVEN parts

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