The Aristocrat Model 1051M is a wooden mantle radio made in 1940, by Syme E.S.M. Pty. Ltd. of 17 Glebe St, Glebe, Sydney, Australia. It is in an upright wooden case of dark veneered wood, with a light coloured solid wood speaker grill. It is a 5 valve superheterodyne receiver that covers the broadcast band and one short wave band from 13.5 to 50 meters. The controls are: Tone, Volume and On/Off, Tuning, and Wave Change. The radio was discovered in a garden shed in Tea Gardens NSW with one side very faded and powdery where it had faced the window for many years. The electronics were in a reasonable condition, with a deep layer of dust. It required a new mains cord, new dial cord, new capacitors, new bias resistor, new tuning gang rubber feet, and an alignment. This is relatively minor for a radio of this vintage. The speaker, and all transformers were in good condition. It has a preselector and no RF amplifier. The valve lineup is EK32 oscillator/mixer, 6U7 IF amplifier, 6B6 audio amplifier/detector, 6V6 audio power amplifier, and 5Y3 rectifier.


Ray Robinson