This His Masters Voice (HMV) radio was made in 1946. It is in a small wooden cabinet with a large speaker. It is intended for use in the city, and to sit on a mantel piece. It covers the broadcast band, and the dial has station markings for the 6 states.

The radio uses octal valves, with a 6A8G as a converter, a 6G8G as the IF amplifier and detector, and a 6V6GT as the audio output valve. It has a conventional 240 volts AC transformer and rectifier power supply, using a 6X5GT and a choke filter. It uses back bias, and provides AGC to the converter. The set has a 457.5 Kcs IF amplifier, and the set covers the frequency range 540 to 1600 Kcs. There is a built in loop aerial, but provision is made for an external connection.

This one has been modified, and an audio preamplifier has been added, together with 2 terminals on the back, which are probably for a pickup on a record player. Consequently, there is ample audio gain, so much in fact, that the audio control needs only to advanced a tiny amount for a suitable listening level. The two control knobs on the front are, Volume plus ON/OFF switch, and Tuning. There is a toggle switch on the back. This radio is intended to be used in the metropolitan area, as it originally had no audio preamplifier, and required strong signals.

The set was non working when I received it, so I checked all resistors and capacitors. Most of the resistors were fine, and only one was replaced, with a similar vintage type. Almost all the capacitors were leaky, so they were all replaced with types from the 1960s, as would have been fitted by a serviceman of that vintage. The case was in good condition, and still original. It has some crazing and a little cracking, but it also has the original HMV logo on the top. This is such good condition, that it was left in the original state.

It is a nice looking mantle radio from the post war era, and it performs quite well.

Ray Robinson