Rays Ducati 860 GTS Restoration
My Latest Project Ducati 860 GTS
Total Strip Down and Re-Build. .

Ok so my 40th Birthday present represented a challenge.

Did I really want to take it apart and rebuild it?

Well no but as I wanted to use the thing for weekend travelling and fun, I didn't want it to let me down. Upon close inspection a number of things needed doing. Brakes, Tyres, Bars, Electrics Paint, Wheel Spokes and it did look a little like a battle ship with about as many coats of paint.

Only one thing for it. Strip it back and start again.                      Strip down Process      Rebuild Process

In the End I also had to do a total Strip Down of the Engine and rebuild from the ground up. I will post some notes on the Saga with a Engine rebuild, and the manufacture of the trigger plate for the new DMC computer Ignition System.  


Before Shot                                                                  After Shots